Sunday, May 24, 2009

What will happen Tuesday? What are your plans depending on the outcome?

I really do not know what will happen on Tuesday. It may be a pivotal point in the gay rights movement. I want to know what you think will happen and what you plan to do.

Here are my questions:
1) What city/state do you live in?
2) What do you think the court will do?
3) If we win, how and where will you celebrate?
4) If we lose, what, if anything, will you do in reaction and where will you do it?

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Anonymous said...

1) West Lafayette, Indiana
2) Court will uphold the ban
3) I do not think we will win, but if we do I will have a scotch and a cigar with some friends
4) No plans yet if we lose, but I plan to join in if there is a demonstration on campus.

Anonymous said...

Two words if our side loses: STONEWALL RIOTS

Anonymous said...

I already understand that we have lost this fight, and now I think we should make GAY a religion. That way we can do what we want, when we want,marry who we want, shun all those who disagree with us, control the government, and do this all while being tax exempt!!
I have started a facebbok page called:
make "gay" a religion

check it out!

Ragnarok Finis said...

1) Orlando, Florida
2) I do not speculate on legal matters.
3) If we win, I will celebrate.
4) If we lose, then I will continue to work with HRC and JTI for grassroots movements to mobilise the entire community as a whole

Anonymous said...

1. Southwest Florida, USA
2.same as it ever was!
3.Am tired of being like a 2nd class American.
4 may take up permaanent residency in Western Europe, where my partnet of 11 years are treated with ALL the respect of any couple.