Monday, May 4, 2009

An Update on Rudy Ditching his Gay Buds

Update from Cathy Burke at the New York Post on an article we posted earlier about Rudy snubbing his gay former roomies who helped him pick up the pieces after Donna Hannover booted his ass out of Gracie Mansion. (P.S. That pic is really Rudy in drag. Isn't it fabulous?)

A gay pal of Rudy Giuliani said yesterday there's one word for why the former mayor and potential gubernatorial candidate snubbed his same-sex wedding: Politics.

"We're still friends," said Queens car dealer Howard Koeppel, who tied the knot with longtime partner Mark Hsiao on Saturday in Connecticut.

Still, Koeppel said, "I danced at his wedding with [his wife] Judith [Nathan], and it would have been nice if he'd danced at mine."

Hsiao said the ex-mayor's snub "did not spoil the day -- we actually didn't expect him to come."
Koeppel said, "I understand why he's doing what he's doing. If he decides to run for governor . . . he's a Republican, and he's taking a Republican stand" on same-sex marriage.
There was no immediate comment from Giuliani.

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