Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Gayborhood Times is looking for guest posters. Let us share your wisdom with our audience!

If you have been following The Gayborhood Times on Twitter or Facebook, you probably realize that we tend to repost news articles and YouTube videos, but not much else.  Most of our time is committed to promoting the site so we can grow our audience.

But now that we have a significant audience, things are about to change.  First, we're just days away from migrating to a new .com domain of our own.  It will be a lot shorter to type in and it will help us establish greater credibility than just being on the domain.  Second, we're looking to add fresh, original content to the site.

Despite the good following we have established, The Gayborhood Times doesn't really make money.  Perhaps a few dollars per day from Google Ads, but we haven't really tried to monetize our traffic.  Our first priority is to make a top-notch site for activists and interested parties.  If money comes later, so be it.  If it doesn't, but we can still make a difference for the cause, that's fine too.  I guess that's my roundabout way of saying that we're not paying for content.  At least not yet.

But how do we take it to the next level? That's where you come in.  We're looking for writers to submit original content - opinion articles that are interesting to read and have some supporting documentation, LGBT-themed poetry or short stories, and/or "Letters to the Editor" of The Gayborhood Times.

Have something interesting and/or compelling to say? Let us distribute it for free and build your profile in the online LGBT community.  We'll link back to your Twitter and Facebook profiles from the article, and we'll distribute it online through our Twitter account (nearly 1000 followers and growing) and our Facebook account (nearly 6000 fans and growing).

All we ask is that you submit your content to and, once we inform you that we have selected and published your content, we ask that you "tweet" and/or post a link to the article on your Facebook profile.  Then we'll spread the word about the post on our end.


Rachel said...

What kind of articals would be the most beneficial to the blog? Would most need to be news related? Would community events, etc. be considered?

Gayborhood Times said...

I really like the idea of opinion articles which draw on current LGBT events, such as the fight for marriage equality. Or perhaps commentary on pop culture, like Adam Lambert's AMA performance and the blowback associated with it.

I'm also willing to consider proposals if you have a good article idea